The service allows you to easily publish Visio diagrams for the web (make them viewable with descktop and mobile browsers).

The service was developed in hope that it will be useful for all Visio users, and will simplify life and communication.

The site is currently running in early beta stage, so some things may not work as expected, beware of bugs. Note that all published diagrams will become public (and available to everyone one the internet). This will be changed later, but just for now it is like that.

Planned features:

The service is currently provided free of charge, and I intend to keep it like that for the public diagrams.

Disclaimer: The service is provided as-is, with no explicit or implicit guarantiee of data safety. Under no circumstances shall I be liable if you use or not use this service.

Feel free to file bugs & suggestion to the open issue tracker: http://bitbucket.org/nbelyh/VisPublish/

Keep up with development on my blog: UnmanagedVisio.com

Forever yours, Nikolay Belykh